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Finally a NOLA Interview

It’s been three days since we first arrived here in New Orleans, and I’ve finally had my first interview. Today I was dropped off at Tulane University to film a student organization called, MSA Tulane. This group is made up of primarily Muslim students coming together to help out and become more involved with their community. Today was their first meeting in quite some time, so they’re starting from the ground up. As well as filming the meeting, I filmed a member of MSA Tulane, and asked him a few questions dealing with Muslim culture and Islamic faith. As well as allowing me to film their meeting and conducting an interview; I was given two locations for mosques in the local area. Now, I just need to get myself over to those locations and film. I’m feeling the pressure of time, but I believe I can get it done.



New Orleans Texture

One of the greatest things that I noticed about this city is its textures. There are so many different textures within the city’s walls. I have seen gritty non-touchable textures, smooth textures, forbidding textures,  it’s just a mass collection of textures.

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