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NOLA Excitement


This site will be about me, Whitley Hawkins, taking on a huge filming experience, and the journey along the way. A group of Art Institute (Ai) students, including myself, from Minnesota are packing up our bags and traveling down to New Orleans. We go down there carrying video cameras, photography cameras, and just enough equipment on our backs to make a NFL line-backer weary. Our goal is to get some experience with filming and capturing moments with photography in the United States’ “Big Easy”.

We leave on September 24th, and the time spent before that date will be spent on researching ideas, reading, writing, movie screening and much more, and this blog will reflect that work! As you can see, the work involved in this project will be difficult and time-consuming, but rewarding as well. I’m super excited for this experience, and am glad to share this experience with the rest of you.


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